Nothing is intact or permanent, everything is affected and connected—the history, the city and the rider. Just as the city left a mark on the rider, he leaves a mark on the city even if just for a split second.

The wet trail of wheels on pavement after skidding through a puddle on a rainy day, the sound of the skateboard against granite echoing through the alleys and streets and his shadow spreading from one building to another until he reaches the river. The reflection in the river follows him along its banks and over the bridge where the scattered leaves on the sidewalk swirl and dance for a moment after he rides through them and then staying, peaceful, like nothing ever happened but at the same time everything has changed. Even if you think you didn’t notice him, you can almost taste the lingering freedom in the air.

Like a signature, a rider leaves his mark—on the streets and in people’s memories. A signature of freedom.

Skateboarder: Luka Bizjak
Additional Camera: Mark Pirc
Colorist: Mark Pirc
Graphic Design: M7grafiks
Photography: Jan Pirnat
Words: Katarina Tavcar
Extra: Matej Pocervina
Advisor: Matej Marinko (Bright)
Music: “Da, da, da” performed by Pionir 10
Courtesy of Radio Netizen