With their 65-year long tradition, Rog bicycles represent the symbol of the Slovenian bicycle industry. The first bicycles were manufactured in Ljubljana soon after the end of the World War 2. The golden age of the Rog Factory was in the 1970s and 1980s when they successfully expanded their offer and production. However, at the end of the 1990s, the company was in crisis and stopped the production, but the popularity of Rog bicycles still remains today.

In 2017, Rog bicycles return to the road with one of their most legendary products – the folding bike Pony. The refurbished Pony is a modern city bike, featuring a mix of traditional elements and modern design, thus embodying a long tradition and a revival of the Rog trademark.


Client: Rog Bikes
Agency: Zadrga
Production Company: Bright
Producer: Matej Marinko
Director: Luka Stanovnik
Camera Operator: Martin Smerdel
Production Manager: Miha Zore
Camera Assistant: Andraz Brelih
Stylists: Tina Tanko, Petra Rozman
Make-up Artists: Anja Borchi, Tjasa Zaloznik
Post-roduction: Toni Stanovnik
Sound Design: Martin Smerdel


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