A music video for Jack Panther, that was shot during lockdown in collab with 3 other DOP's.

"Whilst we were in lockdown I had a crazy idea to shoot a music video and approached a bunch of amazing DOP’s around the world to shoot their version of their current worlds. What turned out to be one crazy idea has turned in to this beautiful film by @maxwellwalter, @wehaveavisual, @kristijanstramic and @gregoireliere. Shot back in early April in Sydney, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and Ljubljana (Slovenia), these incredible cinematographers took my very loose brief and created this! Thank you guys so much! Huge thanks to @jackpanthermusic for the amazing track, @mikeecar for the grade, @benchesters for help on the edit and @departmentofpost for all your help with the footage! Bunch of legends. Stay tuned for the documentary featuring 38 cinematographers which was inspired off the back of this isolation project!"

"Black music has been essential in influencing and making this project how it is today. The majority of these locations were filmed on stolen land and I would like to recognise our need to actively acknowledge, stand and support black lives, art and history. Kia Kaha"

Director: Charlotte Evans
Cinematographers: Kristijan Stramic, Max Walter, Daniel Bolt, Grégoire Lière
Colorist: Mikee Carpinter
Edit: Charlotte Evans, Ben Chesters
DIT: Department of Post